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Gate Safety Risk Assessment

You are probably aware that there have been several fatal accidents reported in the news recently from injuries sustained by automatic gate systems - one of the in South Wales!

Gate Safety Risk Assessment

Our fully trained Dragon Engineers can carry out a gate Risk Assessment to ascertain whether your gates are compliant with the latestHealth & Safety Legislation and Directives.

After the inspection you will receive a written report stating any hazards and injury risks as well as a competitive quote if any work is required.

Did you know:

  • In most cases, Infra-red beams alone are not acceptable as a safety feature
  • We have found that over 80% of gate systems are dangerous and could kill or seriously injure some-one!
  • The motor should be EN compliant and the gate marked with a CE label

Safety Regulations in Europe

All installations must meet with the Machinery directive 2006/42/EC with EN13241-1 being the regulations concerning gates. The installer of the gate is responsible for the conformity to regulation, not the manufacturer. The two main EN regulations that then apply are EN 12453 which describes the safety levels that should be observed when installing a gate and EN12445 which describes the testing method that must be undertaken. The major points are the maximum amount of force at certain test points.

Example - a maximum of 400N of force can be applied in the last 50, 300 and 500 mm of travel of a gate, after the initial impact the force must drop to 150N within 0.75 of a second and reduce to 25N within 5 seconds. During the mid travel of a gate the allowable force is 1400N.

A full risk assessment of the gates must take place with all crush, shearing, trapping, dragging and cutting points shown to the client with appropriate protection devices offered, a recommended maintenance program should also be provided. Finally the installer must confirm that all electrical equipment fitted has the European CE mark

To conform to these regulations the gate system must be checked with a calibrated force tester and the full results kept in a technical file for 7 years. If the gate is not tested it does not comply.

Most gate kits can be fitted with safety equipment so that these limits are achieved and so cover that part of EN13241-1.

If you would like to know more about Safety checks to your existing gate or even a new project you have in mind, please contact our office on 0800 018 7772 or Cardiff 029 2048 5555.

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